Drill String DEsign

This is a three day course designed to take Engineers up to the level where they can confidently perform a hand calculation based design of a drill string. This will give a good understanding in interpreting the outputs of torque and drag software. Topics covered include vertical and deviated well string design, selection of BHA to provide the required WOB, selection of HWDP and DP and calculations required to check the string can withstand loads and fatigue resistance checks. The course involved a number of calculations that are also useful for understanding string loading in stuckpipe cases and situations where buckling is likely to occur

Drill String failure prevention

This two day course is aimed at Well Engineers and Senior members of the rig team, this two day course covers the various mechanisms that cause drill string to fail. Based around the five areas of Properties, Rig Operations, Inspection, Design and Environment. The symptoms and Causes are discussed along with many photographs of the various type of failure plus some case studies for the attendees to experience. This course is useful in gaining a working knowledge of failure avoidance. It is also very useful for anyone who works in the supply chain for equipment used in a well.

casing DEsign

This 5 day course covers the relevant subjects required to understand the loads acting on casing and the key considerations in selection. The course is interactive and is delivered as a series of presentations, group discussions and class exercises that reinforce the main points. The material supports the WEC Programme content for Casing Design.

completion DEsign workshop